Thursday, August 7, 2014

The CW's Arrow

Photo: Source-Check Out Season 3 Coming Soon
Yesterday was the day I started  binge watching Arrow on Netflix. For the past year I've known about this show but have been putting it off, and I was very wrong to do so. If you haven't watched this show here are some reasons on why you should start:

The action is the obvious choice on watching the show. There isn't an episode in season one that doesn't consist of an entertaining fighting sequence. The intricacies of the different bow-and-arrows are a big help to keep action sequences interesting; the arrow that is used as a recorder, explosive, liquid injector, etc. Those are what is expected with a show called "arrow" but there are also nice parkour, and sword fighting scenes.
The story of course is based on the DC comic book but what makes audiences come back each week to watch the show is the writing. See, the story starts with the main character Oliver Queen returning from a deserted island after being shipwrecked but no one knows exactly what happened to him on that island that made him come to be Arrow. Each episode goes with the characters in present tense, but what keeps each episode even more captivating is the frequent flashbacks of Oliver on the island, uncovering the Arrow's purpose on finding justice for the people of Starling City.

The writer's have written great characters for this show which make up the main reason this show is so popular. Oliver Queen/Arrow was casted well, Stephen Amell (Private Practice, Hung) brings a believable intensity to the character that keeps viewers wanting to see what Arrow and Oliver Queen will do next. Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Melrose Place) who plays Laurel Lance brings the obvious love interest that viewers root for but she isn't the Mary Jane of Spiderman that constantly needs saving, she knows how to kick butt and defend herself as best as she can thanks to her cop father Quentin Lance played by Paul Blackthorne (24, Lipstick Jungle). John Diggle is Arrow's trusted partner that keeps him sane and keeps his focus on the objective played by David Ramsey (Blue Bloods, Dexter). Felicity Smock is the cliché tech that helps Arrow and Diggle, but she brings the comedy in the show with her sarcasm, word vomit, and witty puns who is played by Emily Bett Richards.

There are many things that keep me following this story but the few above are for sure the most important. All of this was taken just from season 1, who knows what is in store for season 2. Well I am sure many since I just started the show, now to watch season 2 and see if there is anything more to keep me coming back.
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