Monday, September 1, 2014

Held Hostage By the Television Monster!

Television is everywhere and anywhere! Television can be watched from your home television, computer, phone, tablet, iPod, etc. It is so easy to get lost in a show whether it be scripted, the news, or reality. Television is a multimillion dollar company; networks are trying to find the next best show to air that can make them a big buck! How do you make sure that you are the "it" network with the best show? You air as many good shows you think audiences will watch.

Television today is HUGE!! What once was thought to be mediocre work, now have Oscar winning actors auditioning for TV shows and made for TV movies. Also the amount of TV shows being pitched and purchased are limitless..

The realization of the number of shows in the world come to light when the Emmys come around and you hear shows nominated that you never even heard of. How are you supposed to watch all these shows being aired? My passion since I was young was television. My mom was a single parent so I spent a lot of my time home alone with siblings because we weren't allowed to play outside without a parent present, which is where my passion was birthed.

I sit home and start a show, watch it and enjoy but then there is another good show and then another that piques my interest. What once was just one show is now endless which is why it's "the monster." As a mom and a wife I never forget my duties at home like spending time with the little one, making sure all his needs are met and my family always has a meal on the table but on my off time I squeeze in as many episodes of whatever I can, it is that escape that I need, a hobby, getting lost in a 15 min-45 min work of art. Television for me is art, writers creating believable characters and entertaining viewers by either giving them a good laugh or helping shaping their life with life lessons, directors showing scenes with good angles that can bring the words on the script to life, set designers creating the best environment to shoot a realistic episode, in actuality everyone on set creating their work of art for the canvas, the television screen.

I find television an art form, yet call it a monster? Yes, because as I mentioned television shows are in abundance and it's hard to stop sometimes. When you finally catch up on one show their is another show around the corner worthy of a watch, and shows are not like movies, they are endless. The stories go on for years (seasons), almost like your voluntarily being held hostage. Sure it is a choice but sometimes one can't help it. Being held hostage by the television monster may be voluntary and can be controlled by just not watching but with all this good television now-a-days it is very hard not to get caught up in it!