Friday, May 1, 2015

Grey's Anatomy: The Carousel Never Stops Turning...

Last night fans of Grey's Anatomy said their goodbyes to character Derek Shepherd on the episode "She's Leaving Home." However, the surprise of the episode was that only a small portion of the two hour long episode was dedicated to McDreamy's funeral. After watching the episode it's easy to see that creator Shonda Rhimes did an amazing thing with that 2 hour long episode that no fan could have imagined. Last nights episode was filled with insurmountable imagery and poetic introspection.

"She's Leaving Home" begins with Meredith telling a group of her friends and colleagues that "Derek is dead" and then passes out on the floor. Soon after it goes to character Dr. Owen Hunt telling Derek's sister of his death. Once Meredith wakes up she goes home and grabs her kids with flashbacks of herself as a child with her mom doing the same thing. What makes the episode great is its way of passing through a year of life with characters in different points of their lives while simultaneously having flashbacks of Ellis Grey (Meredith's mother), Meredith's dead husband, and her friends.

The episode is a compilation of its best sentences, a series of flashbacks, words that make the audience take an introspective look on life, do a little self-analysis just like Meredith's character is doing while remembering them all herself.

For example:
"It sucks being a grown up, but the carousel never stops turning. You can't get off." -Ellis Grey

This quote is one of the most popular from Grey's Anatomy. This is the quote that anyone can apply to life. Any grown up knows it is no walk in the park being a grown up, it's filled with life changing choices and never ending responsibility. You never want to grow up because being a child is such a simpler time. However, no matter how tough your life is illness, death, anything really life keeps going, it never stops. That is why you can't sulk, don't sit in sorrow, move on as quick as possible.

"He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are." -Christina Yang

When Christina says this to Meredith it is about possibly following Derek to another state, and Christina wants Meredith to know that she is just as important or more than him. This can appeal to anyone in that sometimes in life you have to sacrifice things for a relationship whether it be for a spouse, significant other, and/or parent but sometimes you have to do some things for yourself. Your life is your universe, be the sun that the solar system revolves around. You are important and don't forget that. 

These are just a couple of quotes that make you self reflect on your life. The great thing about Grey's Anatomy is that the show is always like that. Audiences can find quotes through its 11 year run to re-evaluate your life. Walt Disney is quoted saying that "movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood." With that said last nights episode was the epitome of what Walt Disney stated, a great episode with a great fictional writing that can influences ones life for the better.